The New Primal

The New Primal

The New Primal is, an industry leader in the production of all-natural meat snacks and condiments under the banners of The New Primal, Nobel Made, and Snack Mates. The company is disrupting the current market model by producing high-integrity products that encourage healthier eating while supporting sustainable practices. Levelwing has been a partner with the brand since they were a true start-up and has been fortunate to help create authentic message strategy and positioning, package design, marketing strategy, creative and more for the brand.

The New Primal, Noble Made & Snack Mates—building a brand, driving awareness, sales, and market share.
(Messaging, Media, Creative, Package Design, Strategy)


The New Primal tasked Levelwing with jumping into the literal fire—to help in any conceivable way we could. Our partnership blossomed and has greatly contributed to the growth of the brand and created a tremendous relationship along the way.  

In 2005, when The New Primal was a fledgling and unknown start-up, we began our journey together. That journey has included deep discussions and work in every conceivable part of the business—packaging, distribution centers, new product testing, sales strategy, mentorship, marketing, creative, and even office design. Core deliverables have included:

  • Messaging, package design, and creative
  • Media, analytics, and competitive analysis 
  • Strategy, business operations, and mentorship
  • Development and execution of campaigns focused on driving awareness, trial, and in-store purchase


The New Primal had the conviction and desire to cut to the heart of what should truly matter in the food business: making clean, honest, healthy, and great tasting foods. 

Part of our job was to help define this in simple terms the consumer could understand and trust. The state of the market was defined by:

  • Most meat snacks and condiments on store shelves are not clean, healthy, authentic, or honest 
  • Grocery historically has not held CPG companies accountable for their claims
  • Brands by and large sell the consumer an inferior product and hide the truths

Actions + Results

Eight leading products by category at grocery nationwide, including No. 1 BBQ sauce, No. 1 wing sauce, No. 1 meat stick, and No. 1 marinade in the natural food segment.

A few highlights:

  • Creation of the tagline, “You are what you eat. Choose Wisely”™ to encapsulate for the consumer our core purpose
  • Continually increasing distribution at Whole Foods, Publix, CVS, Thrive Market, SuperValu, Wegmans, Hy-Vee, Ahold, Kroger, Harris Teeter, Albertsons, Safeway, Target, The Fresh Market, and more
  • In 2020 alone—13 new products launched with 80% growth in distribution

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