Our Principles


A committed focus on the often-overlooked details that build strong brands.


Providing every client full access and ownership to all financial, data and campaign information.


Clearly defining the manner in which we work together to be exceptionally effective.


We maintain an intentional commitment to excellence in planning, organizing, strategic thought, and execution. Our unwavering commitment to exceptional blocking and tackling paves the way for the big play. Sometimes called the “little things,” these are the building blocks for the creation of the “big things.” Every coach, every artist, every great business leader agrees: all teams excel with a strong foundation built upon fundamentals. A fundamentals-first approach builds strong brands and paves the way for meaningful performance outcomes. 

Levelwing is firmly committed to prioritizing and acting on what truly matters ahead of everything else. This disciplined approach saves time and money, provides clear direction for our team and our clients, and delivers industry-leading performance. This principle is where we begin and end each day, each project, each assignment.

“Our fundamentals-first approach not only creates stability for a brand, it allows a brand to innovate and accelerate growth with confidence.”

Steve Parker Jr. – CEO & Co-Founder


Many years ago, Levelwing made a firm decision to stake our reputation on being the most trusted advertising agency in the industry.

Amid the complexity of programmatic tools, software, fees, and billing practices, we believe that all clients should have full ownership and complete insight into all aspects of their work. This includes full transparency into all financial details—billing, fees and media costs, as well as all data and campaign information.

Levelwing makes money only one way: the disclosed fee that is agreed upon with each client partner. No misalignment, no rebates, no mark-ups, no black boxes. Just complete clarity. This is our commitment to you and grounds us in being your trusted brand steward.

“We believe transparency of all financial, data and campaign information should be yours at all times. In fact, we are so completely committed to this principle that we encourage audits.”

Jeff Adelson-Yan – President & Co-Founder


Intentional communication is the key to any great relationship.

Great work and great success happen when all parties clearly understand, commit to their respective responsibilities, and proactively communicate. This Levelwing principle creates success for our team and the brands for which we are fortunate to do the work we love.

“We have intentionally decided to lead with earnest conversation and create healthy expectations regarding what we need to do and accomplish in every partnership we form.”

K.B. Reidenbach – Managing Partner