Lenovo is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of personal computers, servers, electronic storage devices, and IT software. Since 2014, Levelwing has been a leading partner for both Lenovo’s B2B and B2C business units, delivering marketing strategy, analytics, media executions, and social media innovation. Our analytics and media strategies for social have been adopted across the enterprise globally and have continually contributed to improvement in performance.

Driving industry leading B2B, B2C, and loyalty marketing engagement
(Media, Creative, Analytics, Social, Email, Video)


Lenovo tasked Levelwing with generating customer engagement during a three-day concentrated effort with digital media supporting eight product releases globally for Lenovo’s premier marketing event, Accelerate.

In 2019, for the very first time, Lenovo combined their largest annual Americas partner event with their flagship global business event. Accelerate brought together leading experts and launched new products to market in an intense three-day concentrated effort. 

Levelwing planned and executed creative and media to support:

  • Eight product releases, including the world’s  first foldable laptop, to be released in 2020
  • Numerous product demos and keynotes
  • A global four-region simultaneous campaign delivery throughout the Americas, United Kingdom, France and Germany


Analytics and media data integrity coupled with automation would seize opportunity. 

We reviewed prior years’ events in which we had not been involved in the delivery. A few noteworthy items were discovered:

  • We created opportunities to improve the accuracy of global analytics and media data
  • We implemented better performance measurement and a more optimized media strategy based on improvements in analytics and media data
  • We developed an automated solution for Lenovo to QA email deployment prior to the event launch for speed and accuracy of delivery

Actions + Results

There was a 480% increase in audience visibility and a 47% increase in campaign performance.

This simultaneous global effort required many weeks of focus on the fundamentals of planning and process that would create an outcome deemed successful. The actual three-day event was a 24-hour-a-day initiative for our team, working in multiple sessions around the clock. The results:

  • Our media campaign primarily utilized YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to deliver over 80 million engagements to a global audience in the Americas, UK, France and Germany
  • Media efforts also culminated in 20 million video views of the product releases, demos, and keynotes
  • Overall campaign performance increased 47% across commercial, consumer, and loyalty segments
  • Audience visibility of the solutions increased 480%

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