Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom has nearly 200 locations serving up fresh, stone-baked pizzas in family-friendly environments. Unlike most restaurant franchises, Mellow Mushroom embraces the eclectic to stand out and provide true experiences for customers – no two locations are the same. This unique, one-of-a-kind brand requires a unique approach. Levelwing was named an agency of record partner for Mellow Mushroom in 2018.  We have been tasked with responsibilities that include digital strategy, media buying, social media, SEO, email, CRM integration, creative and analytics.

Creation of a plan to increase same store sales with online ordering
(Media, Creative, Analytics, Social)


When we first began working with Mellow Mushroom, one of the first items we were asked to tackle was the creation of a plan to increasing online ordering as a percentage of overall store revenues. 

Mellow Mushroom is known for providing a truly unique dine-in experience. However, with the prevalence of digital media impact on the restaurant industry, online ordering has become key. 

  • Conceive a new campaign to drive online ordering
  • Create a media plan that will reach both new and existing customers, increasing the frequency of Mellow Mushroom purchases


Organize internally as a brand to connect externally with our customers.

First, we re-built the analytics foundation to create a structure from which to better operate, designed a content strategy that would allow customer connection and audited all media channels. This organized the business internally.

  • These internal connections included website and media analytics, current online ordering systems, loyalty programs, content assets, as well as media strategy, audits and recommendations that would connect externally to the customer
  • This broke down siloed information which (at the time) did not allow for new customer growth
  • These fundamental connections allowed the opportunity to create seamless experiences for customers

Actions + Results

76% increase in week-over-week same store online order sales. 

Connecting all the necessary internal fundamentals, we created a new campaign for online ordering. The result:

  • “Mellow In, Mellow Out” was created to make current and new customers more aware of online ordering and drive sales – The key positioning to consumers was “Mellow Out” (i.e. online ordering for take-out)
  • We developed the campaign with the assistance from the brand to keep the organic and eclectic feel of Mellow alive and well
  • The new positioning combined with a fully integrated analytics, content and media solution excelled
  • An increase of 76% week-over-week in same store online ordering sales

*During the critical  Covid-19 period between March – December 2020 this solution became more critical than ever, allowing Mellow Mushroom to overcome obvious challenges.

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