A Fundamentals-First approach to work and life will create success.

It’s imperative to do the little things well in order to succeed at the big things. We created this short-film to emphasize the importance of this approach. The difference between winning and losing are those that are prepared and use fundamentals to help them win.

Joe Tripodi – Former C-Suite Marketer / Executive at Subway, AllState, Coca-Cola and Mastercard (begins at 7:58)

Christopher Wheeldon – International Director and Choreographer, Tony Award Winner, OBE (begins at 5:25)

Darryl Drake – Wide Receivers Coach, Pittsburgh Steelers – considered the preeminent receivers coach in the NFL. (begins at :52)



Transparency in the AD industry is uncommon.

We created this mini-documentary to shed light and share our views on the topic. We chose three unique individuals who shared their point-of-view and drew parallels between the advertising industry and their respective fields of expertise.

Frank Abagnale – Cyber Security & Fraud Expert, author and featured subject in the Steven Spielberg film, Catch Me If You Can (begins at 7:45)

Anthony Giglio – Wine Expert and Wine Director for the Centurion Lounge by American Express (begins at 3:55)

Jeff Adelson-Yan – Digital Expert and President & Co-Founder of Levelwing (begins at 1:54)