Ready, Set, Launch

BY Sarah Stein // Content Marketing Copywriter

Data-driven solutions for Adobe DTM to launch migration

Navigate Adobe DTM to Adobe Launch migration with a Certified Adobe Solution Partner


They’re the framework your brand relies upon to achieve success every day. Just like a building relies on its foundation to support everything inside, tag management systems provide a foundation that support your efforts in achieving data accuracy. Leading with quality-focused fundamentals allows you to carry out actionable insights that drive value, and minimize situations that would otherwise jeopardize data integrity.

If you’re like many Adobe Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) users, you may be asking yourself where to begin when the time comes to migrate to a new tag management system.

Levelwing is here to help. We understand the steep learning curve that comes with any tag management strategy because we’ve been there. We know how much time and effort it takes to build a complex yet thorough data architecture. When you have an expert on your side to advise and direct your team, you’ll save hours of time implementing a foundation that will allow for future integration, reporting and insight processes.

Beginning April 2021, Adobe DTM will go dark, meaning servers will be decommissioned, documentation will go offline, and communities will be removed from the system. Adobe has already blocked options to create new DTM properties and, by October 2020, Adobe DTM will enter read-only mode. The replacement for Adobe DTM is Adobe Launch, an improved system that offers faster, centralized and unified marketing technology.

Businesses are unique, and the first step is grasping how you’ll approach your transition to Adobe Launch. From our perspective, migration between tag management solutions isn’t just checking boxes off the list, it’s an opportunity to look for new ways to be more efficient and make improvements to existing infrastructure.

If you are “starting from scratch” and building your web analytics strategy from a clean slate, your migration process could take months. To ensure deployment with plenty of time for staging, testing and validation, you’ll want to begin an action plan now. Whether you’re new to integrating tag management platforms or have years of experience, implementing a seamless transition is made possible with the expertise and knowledge of an Adobe Solution Partner. 

By recognizing how an organization’s digital presence supports key business objectives, we offer our clients value beyond your basic implementation process. Our commitment to fundamentals, data integrity, and transparent communication led us to become a certified Adobe Solution Partner. We are proud to say that we’ve made migration to new technology easier and more straightforward for over 50 enterprise-level websites. Our team works with you to create more efficient, cost-effective automated processes to guarantee compatibility across platforms. 

At Levelwing, our experience becomes your advantage. Our team is made up of certified, accessible, highly-trained professionals who can give you peace of mind. When you are ready to take the next step, take a look at how our pre- and post-migration automated processes enhance the user experience of your website.