“From our field of vision, there is no semi-transparency or radical transparency — there simply is transparency, or there is not.”

— Jeff Adelson-Yan, President & Co-Founder

With us, you get complete transparency for all the work we manage on your behalf. It is our belief that you should own your media accounts, analytics tools and even billing — we are simply your trusted partner that delivers within the framework and guardrails that you provide us.


With transparency should come an exceptional ability to create a roadmap for standardization, reporting, tracking, tagging and the like.

Taking the time to do this creates fundamentals in transparency that allow for full trust in people, process and performance.

This topic has been the dark web discussion for years. Every agency, at some level, has participated in a lack of transparency — intentionally or not. Yep, even we used to lack a form of intentional transparency in our process, but no more. Today, this issue is rampant at nearly every agency, small or large, and at every agency holding company, they lack true transparency. Yes, this is true today as you read this. And yes, they will say different with a bold lie or convincing platform argument right to your face; yet we all know the cold truth that lurks underneath the black box software, internal trading desks and pre-or-post market commitments.

We believe ownership is and should be yours at all times. In fact, you may audit us at any time per your needs, curiosities or requirements. We’ll even provide your financial team a nice office to do their work in peace. Media has changed, so should your agency partner. As should you. Enough of the vague. It’s time to get clear!


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