“We as an agency have intentionally decided to lead the conversation and create expectations in any and every partnership we form.”

— KB Reidenbach, Managing Partner

Great partnerships happen when both parties clearly understand and are committed to their respective responsibilities, creating clear expectations. Most relationships forget how critical and fundamental these expectations are.

Have you ever been frustrated with someone? With a company? With a team? Did they fail your expectations?

Probably. It’s their fault for failing to set expectations, but here’s the rub — it’s your fault, too! That’s right, you aren’t free of a role in this. As partners, you must take a moment to create expectations of one another. Yet, that’s why we have placed the onus on our shoulders to initiate this discussion from the onset. Why? So that we don’t misalign.

Of course, we still create detailed and thorough statements of work for sign-off. But we also believe and always live in a world of the discussion of expectations. These conversations are critical to determine an expected outcome or knowing the ladders of stakeholder needs to perform for those often-unspoken requirements. Let’s make this easy — when clear expectations have been set, both partners know who’s accountable to wash the dishes and who’s accountable to taking out the garbage. Life is easy.


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